MarsCAPE is an informative display that communicates key aspects of the Martian landscape, including the nature and scale of landscape features. It does this with a unique combination of the proven power of physical relief models to provide overviews and convey spatial forms and relationships, with first person perspectives, as if on the ground.

MarsCAPE engages people of all ages with space by revealing similarities and differences between Earth and Mars and why they exist. By linking subject areas, and landscape features on Mars with those we find here on Earth, MarsCAPE conjures curiosity into the atmospheric and geological processes behind their creation, and the implications for presence of life.

By highlighting human endeavours in space, particularly the ExoMars mission – its aims, landing area and the UK’s involvement – MarsCAPE contextualises our place in the solar system and capitalises on the inspirational value of space to engage different audiences.

Download a poster with this summary information here. (Credit: Saskia Van Manen)


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